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New Music: Chris Brown “Liquor”


Listen to new music by the very talented Chris Brown titled “Liquor” who has been working hard on new music not only for himself but he has also done quite a few features.

Click here to listen to the new song and let us know what you think about it.


Video: Chris Brown & Tyga “Bitches & Marijuana”

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 7.55.36 PM

Watch new video by Chris Brown and Tyga titled “Bitches & Marijuana” off that “Fan of a Fan The Album.”

New Album: Chris Brown “X”


The X album is finally here and I’m really loving the album thus far. One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Autumn Leaves” featuring Kendrick Lamar. It’s definitely an R&B album not so much of the rapper CB but it’s a great album either way. I’m really feeling the fact that he has interludes on the album, it really takes me back to the 90’s when everyone had interludes on their albums. “X” features artist like Jhene Aiko, Brandy, K. Dot, Lil Wayne, Akon and more. Let me know what you think about the album and what your favorite song is on X.

Listen and download X here.

Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #1″Throwback” – B.O.B

The day is finally here!! Make sure you go download (if you haven’t already) Chris Brown‘s new album X out now if you haven’t already and make sure you let us know what your favorite track is on the album. Let’s continue the countdown, coming in at the number 1 spot of my top 16 Chris Brown rap verses is his verse on B.O.B’s song “Throwback.” When i first heard this song I immediately fell in love with it. Not only is the beat bumpin’ but Chris Brown KILLS it. Take a listen and download X here.


Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #2 “Function” Remix – E-40

Tomorrow the day will finally be here for the release of X by Chris Brown and we are at the number 2 spot of my favorite Chris Brown rap verses. Coming in at number 2 is the “Function” Remix in which Breezy gives us a dope ass verse. This song was already pippin’ but the remix with Breezy and the rest of the cats made it that much better. Watch the video and make sure to let us know what you think about today’s pick.

Chris Brown verse:

Look, got bad bitches, they ratchet
Bet the ding make them sing like an ad-lib
And all this money watch me flip it like a back flip
I’ma go to work on a pussy no practice
Hah, I’m a real niggas in the photo
Bottles in the air, we don’t care about no ho, no ho
Yeah, shout out my nigga dilo
Girl I know you want to but I need about 3-4
Yeah, pretty girls in the crib
I know they all models, that’s just how a nigga live
I’m like whoa, when she do the splits
And when she throw it back nigga don’t act like a bitch!
My niggas in the club with the 40
We just showed up with E-40
We like what’s happening brother
In the function ain’t a competition, killing opponents
And I be killing the pussy but this is just for the moment

Pre-order Chris’ X here.

Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #5 “Look At Me Now”

This Chris Brown verse definitely deserves to be on the top 5 because it’s so dope I love this song I be trying to rap it and everything. Let me know what Chris Brown verses are on YOUR top 5 in the comments and don’t forget to pre-order the X album on iTunes.

Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #6 “Let The Blunt Go”


I’m so anxious for the X album to drop in a few days, but here is another rap verse by CB, coming in at #6 is his verse on his song “Let the Blunt Go” featuring Problem. Pre-order X album here.

Fav. line:

Gold chain, gold chain
Gettin’ money gon’ watch this hoes chance
I’m in the party got these bitches off molly and they rollin’
Bitches poppin pills like it’s for pain in their eyes I’m the shit
Molly probably fantasizing all about my dick
Only one real nigga take a pic and all you haters
I’m gonna take your bitch


Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #8 “That Ni**a” – Kid Redd


Counting down my favorite 16 Chris Brown rap verses in honor of his upcoming album X which is releasing in just a few days (Sept. 16) coming in at number 8 is his verse on Kid Redd‘s track “That Ni**a.”  Don’t forget to pre-0rder X on iTunes.

Favorite line from the verse:

Tell that blocking ass bitch let go baby
Fuck her, just do you and do me (haha!)
Bitch mad cause she uggglyyyy
You know, I be balling like a bitch


Previous post: #9 “Time Of Your Life” – Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown, listen here.

Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #9 “Time Of Your Life” Remix – Kid Ink

I’m SO excited that we are getting so much closer to the release of Chris Brown‘s X album. The countdown continues here and coming in at number 9 is Chris Brown’s verse on Kid Ink‘s hit song “Time Of Your Life” Remix which also features Tyga and production by Ned Cameron.  This song was so dope to me and the fact that Chris Brown hopped on this remix, made me like this song so much more.  Check out yesterday’s pick below and let me know what you think about my picks so far and of course don’t forget to pre-order X on iTunes.


#10: Chris Brown’s “Oh Yeah” verse: Click here to listen.



Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #10 “Oh Yeah” Ft. Snoop Dogg & 2 Chainz

The release of X is getting closer and the countdown to may favorite Chris Brown rap verses continues! Coming in at #10 is Chris’ verse on his song “Oh Yeah” Ft. Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz!! off the Fortune album. I love the fact that this song has that R&B feel but yet he raps a little bit. This song quickly became a favorite CB song for me. Let me know what you think about this track and let me know some of your favorite CB rap verses in the comments.  X drops September 16 make sure you pre-order it on iTunes.

Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #12 “Hot Ni**a” Remix

Counting down the top 16 Chris Brown rap verses in honor of X the album which is dropping in only 11 days. Coming in at the 12th place is the remix to the song that has everybody doing the schmoney dance “Hot N*gga” by Bobby Schmurda. The official remix to the song was released and theres quite a few rappers on it but we’re going to focus on Chris Brown’s verse so take a listen below and let us know what you think about it. Don’t forget to pre-order X on iTunes.

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