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Audio- The Firme Radio Podcast (Ep. 3)

Hi guys I’m back with another episode of The Firme Radio Podcast I hope that you guys are enjoying it so far.

In this episode I wanted to give my thoughts on Marco Gutierrez‘ comments last week about having taco trucks on every corner. You know I wasn’t feeling his lil’ comments AT ALL!

Anyway, I also got into some personal stories but more importantly I asked a question on FB about relationships so listen to the podcast to hear what my FB friends had to say.

The question was “If a guy has a girlfriend already why does he like other girls selfies or half nude photos on the IG?? Are you as the girlfriend ok with this or not??”

Check out the podcast and give me YOUR thoughts on these topics! 😉


The Firme Radio Podcast (Ep.2) 

Hey guys! Omg you don’t know what I had to do to finally get my podcast up for y’all. Ugh! You’ll hear all about it when you listen.

Ok, so in this episode I talk about the death of el divo de Juarez, Juan Gabriel of course. Oh and by the way this episode is in English and Spanish.

Anyway, I talk about Juan Ga, I also give you my thoughts on Chris Brown’s hoochie momma drama. Lol AND of course I talked about the unveiling wax figure of nuestra querida Selena.

Oh, and I have a little hook up for you in there but you have to listen to find out. 😉

I hope that you guys like it!


Firme Radio Podcast (Ep.1)

I know I been M.I.A for a while but I want to share this podcast I recorded very early Friday.

I hope you guys like it I know it’s a bunch of random rambling I talk about becoming pescatarian, fostering a dog and just random things.

I hope you guys can relate to it somehow lol. I hope you guys enjoy it please share it and of course I want to hear your feedback.

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