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Tonight: Firme Radio w/ Hazerd 

It’s Thursday again so you know what time it is! Firme Radio is live again with special guest Hazerd who has been on the show before with Lucy & Dj Choice One.

Tune in at 9:30 p.m PST on PharcydeTV.com and hang out with us. Don’t forget to hit us up for the bday shout outs and requests.

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Podcast: Firme Radio w/ L2R

Listen to the Firme Radio Podcast with 19 year old rapper L2R! This kid is really working hard and we are excited for his success.  On the show we bumped two of his tracks off the album “97” which is available everywhere now.

The songs were titled Money Callin‘ and Bout My Paper so make sure you go download the “97” album and let us know what you think about it.

Make sure  you listen to the interview with L2R because he tells us who his top four favorite rappers are and if he could perform with only one who would it be? Listen and find out!

Podcast: Firme Radio w/ DJ OhmR

Last week we switched it up a bit and had no artist. We wanted to focus on updating you guys on some of our own projects that we are working on so we just had our friend DJ OhmR come in and do a set for us.

We talked about Obama’s farewell as well as some of the stuff that is going on, on social media so take a listen and let us know who else you would like to see on Firme Radio.

Podcast: Q Da Hypeman & Shufflebot

We had so much fun hanging out with Q and Shufflebot of the Party Rock Crew on Firme Radio. We danced, we drank, we joked around, it was just an awesome time.

Listen to the audio above and turn up with us! Also listen to Q and Shufflebot talk about the” bootleg” projects they are working on and heading to Cancun to welcome the New Year.

Firme Radio w/ guest artist Dozay and DJ Kid Fresh

DJ Choice One are very excited to have Dozay back on Firme Radio for the first show of 2017!!

Make sure you head over to PharcydeTV.com at 9:30pm PST to live stream the show. We also have DJ Kid Fresh live in the mix so don’t miss it.  We’re gonna talk new music  and what he’s been up to since he was last on the show.

Firme Radio Podcast Ft. The Rej3ctz

Listen to our show with @WarrenBenSmokin of The @Rej3ctz in which he talks about their mixtape “Homeless Billionaires” that features TeeFlii and Chris Brown.

We had a lot of fun with him on the show. It was the week of Christmas so we asked him a few questions about some of his x-mas favorites.  We also talked about them working with TeeFlii and CB.

Make sure you listen to the whole episode because @WarrenBenSmokin comes in with a little freestyle and it’s pretty dope.

Shout out to @DJUnieQ for coming by to take over the turn tables live on Firme Radio.

Look out for our next podcast with @FartboxQ and @Shufflebotfurr of the Party Rock Crew coming soon.

** Firme Radio ( @FirmeRadio) is live every Thursday at 9:30p.m on PharcydeTV.com (@pharcydetv).

MC Destruct Freestyle’s on Firme Radio

Watch MC Destruct bust a freestyle on Firme Radio hosted by Lucy and DJ Choice One. Not only did we have him bust freestyles thought, we also talked about his recent project “Deadly Kid” and what he has in the works for 2017.

Check out the video and let us know what you think about the freestyle in the comments.

Firme Radio Podcast: Destruct

Last week on Firme Radio MC Destruct stopped by to hang out with us and talk about his “Deadly Kid” project which is a compilation of some of his that was never released (purchase here).

Destruct is great at what he does, especially when it comes to freestyles. Make sure you listen because he takes us out with an epic freestyle.

Guest DJ: @NoAfex

Firme Radio is live every Thursday on PharcydeTV.com at 9:30p.m PST.

The Rej3ctz tonight on Firme Radio – 9:30pm

Don’t miss Firme Radio tonight because DJ Choice One  and I got The Rej3ctz hanging out with us  live in studio. They’re talking “Homeless BillionairesCat Daddy and much more.

Check in with us at 9:30pm PST on pharcydeTV.com we got DJ Unieq live in the mix, let us know you are watching on the social media handles below. Also, let us know if you have any questions for The Rejectz!

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Re-broadcast of Firme Radio w/ Destruct

If you missed last week’s episode of Firme Radio with Destruct don’t worry because tonight it will be re-broadcasting on PharcydeTV Channel Z.

It all goes down tonight at 8pm PST on PharcydeTV.com with DJ Choice One, me and NoAfex  live in the mix, trust me you don’t wanna miss that Destruct freestyle.

Firme Radio w/ guest artist DESTRUCT

Tonight MC Destruct will be live in Studio on Firme Radio  to hang out with DJ Choice One on and I, were going to play some of his joints and to talk about his recent projects.

The live broadcast starts at 9:30p.m PST on PharcydeTV.com so tell your friends to check in with us with their shout outs and requests on the social media accounts below. See you soon!

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