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Drake falls down

Drake falls on stage when performing his hit single “Take Care” but like a true performer Drake gets up and continues to sing.
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Rihanna “Where Have You Been” behind the scenes

The beautiful and sexy Rihanna gives us a sneak peek of the making of her upcoming video to her most recent record “Where Have You Been?”
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Gang Starr MC Guru- 2 Years After His Death

Two years ago today The Gang Starr MC Guru (born Keith Elam) died at the age of 48.

Guru died of cancer-related causes after a long fight with the disease.

Born near Boston on July 17, 1966, Guru was the part of the duo Gang Starr along with DJ Premier.


Tupac performs at Coachella!!!

How awesome was the Tupac performance with Snoop Dogg at Coachella this weekend??
A hologram of Tupac was displayed and an unforgettable performance left everyone talking about it.

Take a look at some of the images from the amazing performance.