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Photo: Suit & Tie Lucy


In honor of Justin Timberlake announcing his Legends Of The Summer tour featuring Jay-Z I had to do the “Suit & Tie” photo!

I had a lot of fun dressing up in black and white and it wasn’t as easy as it looks. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned to see who’s next? 😉

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Video: Power106 Version Of The Harlem Shake


So a Harlem Shake video goes viral and now everybody is doing their own version of it. Check out the Power106 version which was shot this morning.

There were all kinds of costumes and uh I’m the one in the Minnie Mouse costume! 🙂

Sound: T.I – Lucy Shoutout


So T.I was in the neighborhood (Big Boy’s Neighborhood) last week and guess who he shouted out? Me!! Lol and although it probably wasn’t me who he was talking about I like to think that he was! Lol

Take a listen:

Video: iCatDaddy and Peter Griffin With The Rej3ctz!


The Rej3ctz stopped by the station today and I got a chance to dance with them!

Yes! I did the “Cat Daddy” and the Peter Griffin, take a look at the video it’s pretty random! Lol

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