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Eugenio Derbez Recibe Y Dedica su Estrella A Los Latinos


Ayer Eugenio Derbez recibio su estrella en pase de la Fama de Hollywood. El comediante muy humildemente dedico su estrella a al publico que lo han apoyado en su larga carrera y a sus “hermanos Latinos.”

“A mi gente, a mis latinos, a mis hermanos latinos. Gracias por ponerme donde estoy. Esta estrella es gracias a ustedes”, señaló Eugenio Derbez en su discurso.

“Gracias por vuestras risas, por vuestro amor y, especialmente, por apoyarme en esta nueva aventura en Estados Unidos”, dijo Derbez para referirse a una “aventura” que, según sus palabras, comparten todos los latinos: “El sueño americano”.

Derbez tambien menciono a su madre y a su familia dandoles gracias por ser fuertes en tiempos donde el tuvo que estar ausente por estar fuera con su trabajo.

Con ironia Derbez grito “¡Ya tenemos papeles!” al recibir su certificado de la ciudad de Los Angeles. Al terminar de expresar unas palabras muy hermosas a su familia, sus seguidores gritaron “¡Viva México!” y “¡Sí se pudo, sí se pudo!“.


I Got Called a “Wetback” & Firme Radio announcement


So, remember I tweeted the other day about how some dude called me a wetback on FB?

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Selena Mural in Los Angeles

On Saturday April 18 an artist by the name Sand One painted a mural in South Central Los Angeles in honor of the late, great Selena Quintanilla.

Sand One collaborated with other brands such as “Mala” by Patty Rodriguez, Honey B Gold, Miche Mobil and Bella Doña to help paint and make it possible for this mural to exist.

Together they invited the public to help paint the Selena mural and unveiled it on that Saturday April 18, two days after Selena’s birthday.

2015 also marks the 20th anniversary of Selena’s tragic death. The mural is located on 76th and Central in South Central, Los Angeles.

Blanca Garcia, a Selena fan from Fontana said about the mural, “It was a privilege because there’s probably people from Texas wanted to be here and we have the privilege to have it here in L.A.”

In the artwork Selena is drawn wearing her red lipstick, making her famous hand gestures that she always did during her performances and wearing her iconic burgundy outfit.

The outfit became very popular because Selena wore it in her last concert, which took place in Texas at the Houston Astrodome.

Selena is also drawn in the mural holding a white rose because it was Selena’s favorite flower. The hand gesture that Selena made while dancing is also captured in the drawing.

On the mural one can read one of the famous lines from the biopic that stuck with everyone since then “Anything for Selena’s.” The guys who helped get Selena’s bus unstuck by pulling it, which was tied to their bumper, made the phrase famous.

Teens remember and admire Selena for her style as well the inspiration she gave them.

Luz Espino said, “She was a great inspiration to a lot of people, her songs are really inspiring.”

Garcia also thought that Selena was a great inspiration for the youth and mentioned that it was important to have the mural in Los Angeles because the Latin community loved Selena very much.

After 20 years of her death, the legacy of Selena continues to touch the heart of many people. Selena was known for her Tejano music and for her iconic dance moves.

Maria Espino from Pomona, Ca. said, “I felt very sad the day that she got killed, I had just got here from Mexico and I was sad but she left a great legacy and people continue to support and remember her.”

At the location of the mural there was candles and dried roses that people who have visited the mural have left there for Selena.

Sand One is a woman from East Los Angeles who paints for a living. Her passion for painting and drawing has made a great impact on her life and career.

As a fan of Selena, Sand One wanted to honor and share her work with all the people that love Selena.

During the unveiling of the mural many people gathered to help paint the mural and to enjoy some food and drinks.

The unveiling started at 4p.m at the location provided on the flyer. People were seen taking pictures and video of the mural.

Many kids helped Sand Oner paint the mural and enjoyed the festivities that surround the event.

Look at a photo gallery below as well as a video story of the mural with people who visit the mural.

Click here for Storify story.

For more information on the artist that painted the mural click here.

Univision scholarships

Univision is offering scholarships to first generation college students in the Latin community. A scholarship worth $5,000 will be given to those who qualify. Log onto http://www.Univision.com for more information. Eligibility for this scholarship began November 1 and it will end December 15, 2011.