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Video: What’s In My March IPSY bag?

Hi guys!! I’m back this week with another beauty video! In this video I am showing you guys what I received in my March IPSY glam bag.

I was the most excited for one of my products, so watch the video and find out what product I loved the most from this month’s glam bag.

Let me know what products you received and which ones were your favs. Talk to you soon!


Video: Affordable Makeup Haul!

Have you watched my latest makeup video on a mini haul I did for affordable makeup??

The brands that are featured in the video are ProFusion, Klean Color, Milani, Beauty Treats and Cover Girl.  Watch the video to find out which products I’m digging from this haul.

Plus, I got rid of my ombre and went right back to a full blonde! Watch to find out why I decided to go back to full blonde and how I take care of my hair.

Hit the jump for more info on this video.

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Video: Get Ready w/ Me Ft. The SiliSponge

Hi guys!!  In this week’s video  I’m going to show yo with another makeup tutorial and this week she is featuring the infamous SiliSponge!!

The SiliSponge is one of the latest makeup trends to hit Instagram and of course Lucy wanted to see what all the hype was about.

So with that being said, watch Lucy’s tutorial to find out whether she’ll be replacing her Beauty Blender for the SiliSponge. Let us know in the comments if you have tried the SiliSponge and what your thoughts are on it.

Click here to check out Molly Cosmetics (the makers of the silisponge).


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Video: What’s In My February IPSY Glam Bag

Have you watched my latest video on the February IPSY Glam Bag? If you haven’t don’t worry girl Imma show you what I got and let you know what the process is to sign up if you don’t already receive one.

I’m super excited that I signed up for the IPSY bag, it’s super cute and if you are trying to build your makeup collection it’s a great way to start!

So go ahead and watch the video and let me know what other type of videos you will like to see from me.

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Video: Dirty Works Mud Mask Demo x Review

Hi everyone! In this week’s video I am doing a review and demo on a mud mask that I love because it smells so good and I think you guys will love it!.
The brand is called Dirty Works  and they have a wide range of skin care products that smell SO good you won’t be able to resist.
I hope you guys like and try this product out. Watch the video for more details on this product.  How cute are my dogs Bruno and Lola?!! Lol

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I hope that you guys have a great day!!

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

OMG! Valentine’s Day is here and if you been too busy trying to find the perfect outfit for your hot date and you haven’t had a chance to think about what type of makeup look you wanna go for, let me hook you up girl!

Now I ain’t no beauty expert but I do love makeup and I like to try new things, explore and challenge myself with new things.

So here it is try out my version of the last minute V-Day makeup using earthy colors from the Milani “Earthy Elements” Eyeshadow Palette. Let me know if it works out for you and what other looks you want me to try.

Happy Valentine’s Day my chulas!!

Last minute Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial 

Ladies! Valentine’s Day is just a few hours away and we know you’re probably looking for an outfit and maybe running a bit short on time.

So let me help you get your makeup look right using the Milani eyeshadow palette.
Watch my first video on PharcydeTV.com at 8 am est & 8 pst. 

 The makeup look is earthy colors and it’s super easy to do. Go ahead, watch this video and try this Valentine’s Day makeup look and let us know how it worked out for you.

It’s quick, it’s easy and really pretty.The best part is you can rock it in the daytime when you and your boo are out for brunch and you can also rock it at night if you’re not into really dark makeup.

Look out for my next video on skin care next week on PharcydeTV.com at 8 a.m PST.


Feeling Blue with Circa Beauty Shadow

I couldn’t wait to do a smokey eye with this blue eyeshadow from Circa Beauty.

I’ve had it for a while and I just got around to using it but I’m so in love with it. I really like the pigment pay off its bright and beautiful.

Hit the jump to take a look at the smokey eye I created with this Circa Beauty blue shadow.

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Target Now Carrying “Milani” Makeup 

Oh my god! So I was at Target the other day just minding my makeup business and I spot Milani makeup from far away. 

Now, the Target’s near my house weren’t carrying Milani makeup yet so I was super excited to see it because I had heard great things about the foundation and I was dying to try it.  I own some of their liquid lipsticks and I LOVE them! 

Everything pictured in the photo was 9.99 except the lipsticks. Those were $6 or 7.99, so it’s good drugstore makeup and it’s very affordable. 

Of course I had to grab a few things so if you look at the photo above you’ll see that I grabbed a setting spray, an eyeshadow palette and 2 lipsticks. 

It was hard not to get more things than that but I told myself “little by little” lol. 

I will be writing a review on the items so stay tuned for that. 

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See you soon.😉

Early Riser, Natural Makeup 

On Sundays I usually wake up around 4t am to get ready for work. I woke up ten minutes before my alarm went off because I had slept a few more hours than I’m used to. 

I felt lazy and didn’t really feel like spending a lot of time doing my makeup. I kept it simple for that reason. I wanted to just put on light makeup to even out my skin tone and not look too tired. 

I used my Circa BB Cream and set it with my MAC Studio Fix powder. I added a little blush & eyeliner from NYX and moisturized my lips with Nicole Guerriero’s Best Damn Lip Mask. I wore my Limecrime liquid lipstick in the color Rustic

I know it still seems like a lot but all my colors were very light, it was more of a natural makeup look. I hope you guys enjoyed it. 

Pretty soon I’ll be putting out video reviews so stay connected with me (@lucydarling27) for the updates.😉

What are some of your favorite looks when you want to keep it simple?? 

The More Foundation The Merrier 

Can one have too many foundations?? I think not!! I like to try different brands just to see if there is a difference in the way it sets or to find out whether the hype was real or not. 

One of my favorites is the Maybelline FitMe! It’s light and it’s medium coverage so I can use it on a daily basis if I choose to. If I’m going out though I definitely go with my Mac Studio Fix

The Lóreal True Match is also a good one although when it’s near my eyes it almost feels kinda like my eyes burn a little. Anyone else?? 

Let me know what your favorite foundation is and why? If you would like to recommend any please do so and make sure you are following me on social media @lucydarling27