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Events- Raggedy Tiff Pop-Up Shop

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In honor of Frida Khalo‘s birthday Raggedy Tiff is hosting a pop-up shop in the valley this evening from 5p.m to 9p.m.

Raggedy Tiff is an eclecticFolk-Cultural style, with an eccentric personality, & daring feel. They specialize in Accessories & Apparel.

Raggedy Tiff is known for its Unique/Vibrant Textile prints, Craftsmanship & Exquisite trims.
If you can’t make it out today don’t worry because there will be two more shows in the upcoming weeks of July. Stay tuned for the details!

All the info for tonight’s show is on the super cute flyer. See you there!


Upcoming Shows – The Pharcyde (June & July Dates)


If you are a BIG fan of 90’s hip-hop or just a huge fan of The Pharcyde you gotta check them out live! They will performing in DTLA tomorrow (The NOVO)  but you can also catch them at the Observatory in OC (Friday) and the Observatory in SD (Saturday)!

Below you will find more information and the flyers to the shows!

Check out some of the upcoming Pharcyde shows at the NOVO by Mircosoft in DTLA (16th) as well as The Observatory in Orange County (17th) and San Diego(18th). All three of these shows are local shows and ONLY $5 dollars, so you DO NOT want to miss this opportunity!!

The July shows will take place out of state. We hope to see you there!

Check out the flyers below and plan to buy your tickets accordingly. For more information on ticket purchase, click on the links provided.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 8.11.52 PMPurchase tickets for this show here.


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 8.13.29 PM
Purchase tickets for this show here.

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American Idol Finale Snapchat Recap

Last week I attended the American Idol second to last finale show for the first time ever! I had a great time and I wanted to share it with you guys through my snaps.

Again, the quality is not great but I hope that you enjoy it at least a little bit. lol

Let me know who you voted for and were you happy with the American Idol season 15 winner???

Resumen de concierto privado de maluma en Conga Room (Los Angeles)

Si no pudiste asistir al concierto privado de Maluma el Jueves pasado en Conga Room no te me aguites que yo te hize un recap con todos mis videos de snapchat para que te heches un taquito de ojo.

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J Balvin en el Shrine Expo #LaFamiliaTour 2015

Ay dios mio! Mi internet a estado super loco en mi casa y mo me dejaba subir el video so aqui esta mi mini recap del show de J Balvin el Jueves pasado.

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The Pharcyde in Long Beach Saturday! (Free Show)

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.57.40 PMThe legendary Hip-hop group The Pharcyde will be in Long Beach this Saturday, June 6 for a free show to benefit the North Long Beach Education Fund.

The Pharcyde will be headlining among other performers such as Blu & Exile, YoYo, Los Rakas, Stacey Barth and more.  You can expect The Pharcyde to perform some of their classic hip-hop hits such as “Running Away”, “Drop” and of course “Passing Me By.”

They will be performing with a live a band and they may even perform their new song titled “Sins” which was released a month ago exclusively on yahoo.

The festival is from noon to 6 p.m. and it’s an all ages event that the whole family can enjoy with food, music, vendors and a beer & wine garden. The event is hosted by on-air personality Spicy Mari and brought to you by council member Rex Richardson and Emissary Media Group.

The festival benefits not only benefits the N. Long Beach education fund, it also highlights the Beach Streets Uptown which is an event that will transform Atlantic Avenue into a beyond-bicycle friendly open event that encourages residents to shop, bike, walk and enjoy musical performances.

Council member Rex Richardson and the Uptown Business District are also hosting the Beach Streets Village Fest at Houghton Park located off the 91 freeway on the Atlantic exit.

For more information take a look at the flyers posted or head over to and make sure you bring the family out for an event that everyone can enjoy.

Check out The Pharcyde‘s latest visuals below to their latest song titled “Sins” in which they talk about the current state of our economic and racial background. The song is produced by SpaceBoyBoogieX and it will be a part of SBBX’s upcoming project for his record label Record Jungle Recordings.

Selena Mural in Los Angeles

On Saturday April 18 an artist by the name Sand One painted a mural in South Central Los Angeles in honor of the late, great Selena Quintanilla.

Sand One collaborated with other brands such as “Mala” by Patty Rodriguez, Honey B Gold, Miche Mobil and Bella Doña to help paint and make it possible for this mural to exist.

Together they invited the public to help paint the Selena mural and unveiled it on that Saturday April 18, two days after Selena’s birthday.

2015 also marks the 20th anniversary of Selena’s tragic death. The mural is located on 76th and Central in South Central, Los Angeles.

Blanca Garcia, a Selena fan from Fontana said about the mural, “It was a privilege because there’s probably people from Texas wanted to be here and we have the privilege to have it here in L.A.”

In the artwork Selena is drawn wearing her red lipstick, making her famous hand gestures that she always did during her performances and wearing her iconic burgundy outfit.

The outfit became very popular because Selena wore it in her last concert, which took place in Texas at the Houston Astrodome.

Selena is also drawn in the mural holding a white rose because it was Selena’s favorite flower. The hand gesture that Selena made while dancing is also captured in the drawing.

On the mural one can read one of the famous lines from the biopic that stuck with everyone since then “Anything for Selena’s.” The guys who helped get Selena’s bus unstuck by pulling it, which was tied to their bumper, made the phrase famous.

Teens remember and admire Selena for her style as well the inspiration she gave them.

Luz Espino said, “She was a great inspiration to a lot of people, her songs are really inspiring.”

Garcia also thought that Selena was a great inspiration for the youth and mentioned that it was important to have the mural in Los Angeles because the Latin community loved Selena very much.

After 20 years of her death, the legacy of Selena continues to touch the heart of many people. Selena was known for her Tejano music and for her iconic dance moves.

Maria Espino from Pomona, Ca. said, “I felt very sad the day that she got killed, I had just got here from Mexico and I was sad but she left a great legacy and people continue to support and remember her.”

At the location of the mural there was candles and dried roses that people who have visited the mural have left there for Selena.

Sand One is a woman from East Los Angeles who paints for a living. Her passion for painting and drawing has made a great impact on her life and career.

As a fan of Selena, Sand One wanted to honor and share her work with all the people that love Selena.

During the unveiling of the mural many people gathered to help paint the mural and to enjoy some food and drinks.

The unveiling started at 4p.m at the location provided on the flyer. People were seen taking pictures and video of the mural.

Many kids helped Sand Oner paint the mural and enjoyed the festivities that surround the event.

Look at a photo gallery below as well as a video story of the mural with people who visit the mural.

Click here for Storify story.

For more information on the artist that painted the mural click here.

Video: Mos Def at the Mayan Theatre Last Night

Hey guys just wanted to share this tiny recap I made of Mos Def show last night. I gathered all my snapchat videos and put them into a recap so I wouldn’t have to get rid of them.

I’m still learning to use premiere (video editing software) so the audio levels may be a bit crazy. Lol
Hope you guys enjoy my little recap. It was a great to be at the show, it was my first Mos Def show and I must say it was very fascinating to watch him perform.

So next time he’s around you guys have to go check him out if you haven’t already. 😉
Fashawn as well as Inspectah Deck and other artists performed. It was a good show, I definitely enjoyed it.

Selena Quintanilla Event Tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 6.45.24 PM

In honor of Selena’s birthday, L.A. you are all invited to come paint 1:30-7pm TOMORROW!!! Bring the familia & help this piece done for the unveiling SATURDAY afternoon! How exciting! Who’s going to go paint for Selena??

NAMM Show 2015 Photo Gallery


Every year in late January the Anaheim Convention Center gets full of people who are excited to check out some new music gear. The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is a place where music lovers, music gear nerds, musicians and many more go to take a look at some new music equipment that will be but has not yet been released to stores.

Many artists, producers and merchants enjoy the music vibe along with the live showcases that one can view while walking throughout the convention center. Some artists such as the Beat Junkies, Stevie Wonder, Teddy Riley, John Hill and many more were spotted at the NAMM show doing their rounds.

Take a look at a photo gallery of the NAMM Show 2015 here.

NAMM Show 2015



Every year music gear enthusiasts gather at the Anaheim Convention Center to look at some of the new products that will be released as well as network with fellow musicians, producers, and music lovers of all genres at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).

NAMM was founded in 1901 and has evolved from a national association into an international association whose members include affiliates, distributors and manufacturers, according to wikipedia.

Many artists can be seen walking around looking for equipment and taking pictures with the public. A hip-hop artist that goes by the name Glasses Malone expressed what exactly he was looking forward to find at NAMM.

“I’m a fan of moog…Marvin Gaye used the moog and then you move to Dr. Dre and Warren (G) and Battlecat (producer) and (DJ) Quik (Hip-hop artist/producer) and all those guys used the moog so I’m definitely looking to see where they evolved that sound at.”

At every booth at NAMM, music lovers could find demos of the new gear being released. For those that were interested in new DJ gear, DJ Big Wiz (Rane/Pharcyde/AESOP Rock) ran through some of the functionality of the DJ’s favorite classic Rane TT57MKII.

“This is basically an update of the original TTM57 mixer from Rane (classic mixer) people who used to use that mixer, this is going to be instantly intuitive and familiar to you,” said Big Wiz.

Other artist such as Goapele, Teddy Riley and the world famous Beat Junkies were spotted walking around checking out some new gear at NAMM 2015.

DJ Babu of the beat junkies said of attending NAMM 2015, “it’s just all the dope new music gear coming out within the next year before it hits the store. Us being DJ’s, musicians and just being gear nerds in general it’s just dope to check out all the new gear and equipment that’s coming out.”

The NAMM show takes place every year in the Anaheim convention center starting on a Thursday and running all through Sunday afternoon. Check the NAMM website for more information on booth spaces and everything NAMM 2016.

For more information on the NAMM 2016 show click here.

If you would like to watch interviews with some of the artists mentioned in this post click here.