Early Riser, Natural Makeup 

On Sundays I usually wake up around 4t am to get ready for work. I woke up ten minutes before my alarm went off because I had slept a few more hours than I’m used to. 

I felt lazy and didn’t really feel like spending a lot of time doing my makeup. I kept it simple for that reason. I wanted to just put on light makeup to even out my skin tone and not look too tired. 

I used my Circa BB Cream and set it with my MAC Studio Fix powder. I added a little blush & eyeliner from NYX and moisturized my lips with Nicole Guerriero’s Best Damn Lip Mask. I wore my Limecrime liquid lipstick in the color Rustic

I know it still seems like a lot but all my colors were very light, it was more of a natural makeup look. I hope you guys enjoyed it. 

Pretty soon I’ll be putting out video reviews so stay connected with me (@lucydarling27) for the updates.😉

What are some of your favorite looks when you want to keep it simple?? 


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