Mini Target Haul 

Hey guys just wanted to share my little mini Target haul for today.I was out of moisturizer so I picked up this elf one along with the elf night cream. 

I’ve used the moisturizer before but I don’t think I like it anymore. I felt kinda oily with it like my skin wouldn’t absorb it and it was just sitting on my face. 👎🏽 Let’s see how the night cream turns out. 

I also love Aveeno‘s cleansers!! I’ve been using them for so many years and the one pictured here is my absolute favorite. 

I also picked up a highlighter from elf in the color Blush Gems which I actually already had 🙄so I will have to go return that. 

I saw that elf had these new shadow sticks so I picked one up in the color Rose Gold. 

Ok and Physicians Formula is a pretty pricey drugstore makeup line but they have a lot of stuff on sale so of course I grabbed a bronzer.

They’re so beautiful. This one pictured here is the Exotic Bronzing Glow in the color, Light Bronzer

Last but definitely not least I picked up a brow pencil in the color brown and a brow gel from the brand Essence. Have you guys ever heard of it ?? 

I seen it for the first time at Target not too long ago. 

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and if you like them or not.

 Also, make sure you leave some recommendations of other brands or products I should try. 🙌🏽

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