New Year’s Eve 2017 Glam


I originally wasn’t going to do anything for New Year’s Eve but last minute I decided that I had to find somewhere to go because I wanted to put some makeup on. Lol

Anyway, so since it was NYE I wanted to go with some extra sparkle just like every other girl.  Lol.  After I moisturized my face I sprayed it with my ELF priming mist and let that set for a couple of minutes.

I colored my eyebrows in with my ELF eyebrow pencil and then I concealed my eyelids with the ELF HD concealer.  I then went ahead and started on my eye shadow.  I chose a neutral color from the little black book (elf) as my base. I sprayed my brush with primer first before dipping into the shadow.

I used the Milani gold shadow as my main color… I wanted to be sparkly. After I finished with my shadow I moved on to Foundation.  For NYE I used the MAC studio fix liquid foundation and blended with my beauty blender.

I skipped the eyeliner this time around. Instead, I used my Lumi liquid Highlighter as a base and then added the cover girl bronzer on top and blended it out.

Before I put on my lipstick I moisturized with the Best Damn Beauty lip mask.  After I did that I put my Limecrime liquid lipstick on in Rustic as a base and then I added the Colourpop “maneater” metallic over the Rustic. It looked so gorgeous!!!

I set my foundation with the Studio Fix powder and bronzed my forehead a bit.  Let’s not forget my favorite mascara that makes my lashes look never-ending.   Last but not least I sprayed my face with the elf primer mist one more time and ta-da!


Moving on to hair.. I brushed my hair out and then  I sprayed it with the CHI iron guard. I then parted my hair in four sections and curled each section with my 25mm Bellami wand.  I finished it off with some Moroccan oil.

Oh yeah and I sprayed myself a million times with the Britney Spears fragrance but before that I added some shimmer lotion by Dirty Works to my shoulders and collar bone for a little extra sparkle.

If you guys have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Hope you guys are having a great day. Happy New Year 2017!!


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