My Little Sunshine #RIP

A year ago one of my biggest fears while I was on my way to try and rescue my dog came true. . .

I was so scared… so nervous and so eager to get to my friends house to pick up my dog.

I was too late… when I arrived to my destination my fears were a reality.  My dog Sunshine had got hit by a car after getting out of my friend’s gate and running in hopes to find her family.

I didn’t want to believe my friend when she told me what had happened but I had to believe it and accept what was really happening in that moment.

My daughter… oh my daughter cried so much. She was with me when we went to my friend’s house and although people tell me I shouldn’t have let my daughter see Sunshine like that I had to.

She practically begged me to let her see her. I was so heartbroken for many reasons. I didn’t know if I should be mad or not. Was it my fault???

For weeks after it all happened I cried myself to sleep, feeling so guilty.  I felt I had put her in danger and although I thought taking her to my friend’s house for a few weeks was for the better it turned out to be for the worse.

One of the most hurtful moments was having to tell my youngest sister Sandra what had happened to Sunshine. My mom was afraid she’d do something crazy or go crazy.

It happened a day after her birthday and the next day our house felt so empty… so quiet, with no little nails clicking on the tile or barks to announce the arrival of the mailman.

We all cried so much and missed her like crazy. A year later we still do. I never stop thinking about her and I hate that sometimes some of my memories of her seem to fade.

Sunshine will always be in our hearts, she was so fearless and playful. So loving and at the same time fiesty. I miss my baby Sunshine but as my mom said, maybe that was her destiny.

Today marks a year of her death… I wish I had the chance to see her in my dreams more, and I hope wherever doggies go that she is happy, running around like she loved to do, having her favorite treats, and wearing a sassy dress even though she was a tomboy at heart.

We love you Sunshine☀️



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