#TBT- Sugar Ray “Every Morning”

Ugh! I’m feeling so nostalgic for the 90’s right now. I tuned into my 90’s alternative rock station on Pandora and it just took me all the way back to my teenage years when I was this little, shy, young, insecure girl that liked to hang out in her room listening to music or watching videos on MTV, Vh1 and The Box. Damn!! Who remembers the box?

I never really called in to request ’cause my mom wouldn’t let me. I think the videos were like 1.99 or something like that. But I could spend all day watching videos. That was the life!! LOL

Anyway, this Sugar Ray song “Every Morning” is one of my favorites by them. I really love the song and the video. I think it was the perfect video for the song. I love the 70’s and if you have seen the video before you can see they are at a roller disco party. The skates, the hair, the bell bottoms, ugh it’s all so beautiful. And of course you add the “Suavecito” sample to Every Morning and it just makes perfection.

Ok I think I’ve said enough so now just enjoy watching this TBT video by Sugar Ray titled “Every Morning.” 🙂


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