Firme Radio #NewLA Guest: Yung Eazy


Last week on Firme Radio, the third son of the legendary Eazy-E came by to premiere some of his music. We listened to his song titled “Hip-hop” as well as an exclusive track titled “Keep It Active” which is featured on his upcoming EP.

In this interview Yung Eazy lets us know what he thinks about the film “Straight Outta Compton.” He elaborates and clears up some of the “misunderstandings” or misconceptions we may have of his father and what his life was really like.

According to Yung Eazy his father Eazy-E never had to downgrade homes as they showed in the film.  He also explains why there was some misunderstandings with his sister E.B who disagreed with Yung Eazy on the theory of his father’s real death.

To listen to the full interview click here and don’t forget to tune in to Firme Radio every Thursday from 8-9pm PST on


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