Firme Radio #NewLA Guest: Acafool


This week on Firme Radio I had special #NewLA guest Acafool all the way from the 305. Born and raised in Florida Acafool came to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.  He’s been in LA for three years and he is a true hustler.

Not only is Acafool a rapper, he also drives LYFT and he is doing production for a show called “You My Ride” in which he will reenact real stories that he has experienced as a LYFT driver.

Acafool has also had song placement in big movies, such as Fast & The Furious 4. His latest “Go Head” is definitely a banger and we can’t wait for more music to drop from Acafool.

If you missed the livestream on Thursday with Acafool you can listen here and make sure you tune in every Thursday from 8-9 p.m PST on

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