“Straight Outta Compton” Movie Review

Straight Outta Compton” was released yesterday and the feedback so far has been great! Speaking on a social media level a lot of the updates are good responses toward the movie.

I went to see the movie yesterday, I couldn’t wait to see it! I didn’t want to read stories about it or even watch the trailer I wanted to just show up and watch a great movie; and I did.

I found a new respect toward Ice Cube because he’s so bad ass!! I knew Cube was hard but just to see it a little more in depth in Straight Outta Compton.

His son played his part SO GOOD! A few times I forgot that it was Cube’s son and not him playing the role. That’s how good this dude was.

I really think the acting gigs are going to start poppin’ off for him.

Anyway, I got a little emotional when Dr. Dre‘s brother died but when Eazy-E was given the bad news about AIDS, oh my god! I lost it.

I was sitting in my seat nervous because I knew what was coming next but I didn’t know how detailed it would be. I teared up and just started to think of Eazy‘s music his family, his kids and of course his legacy.

I wasn’t fully aware of how important Ice Cube‘s role was in the group. It’s crazy how Eazy got started.

I do have to say that my favorite character had to be Ice Cube, for some reason I just love how bad ass he is but more importantly how smart he is.

The only part that I was very disappointed with was the character that they chose to play Snoop Dogg. When he walked into the studio I almost had to guess who he was.
I only knew it was Snoop because of the Long Beach hat. He looked so old, and it just wasn’t Snoop Dogg enough. Except when he talked.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Tupac! When Tupac was in the booth these are the exact words that came out of my mouth “Oh wow.”

It was exciting and important that they included Tupac even if it was for a short time because it just takes you that much more in depth into the behind the scenes thing.

I was surprised to see him and in a way it was a weird feeling I had… but it was also excitement. The man that played Tupac looked like him a lot so that was kind of surreal to watch. Crazy! Lol

I really think we needed this movie to come out because its Hip-hop history! I mean for myself I’m familiar with N.W.A and all that but as I mentioned before it’s crazy, exciting and emotional to see it more in depth.

I definitely recommend y’all to watch this movie. Whether you were a part of it or want to get to know more about N.W.A or whatever, you have to watch this!

As i said before, it’s a Hip-Hop history lesson.  My favorite part of the movie is definitely watching them creating the music… the legacy.

I really enjoyed watching Eazy-E transform into a rapper, an artist.  It really took you there to that moment. It’s like they let you come in to the studio to watch them create the music.

You learn not just about what their lives were like but you kind of want to learn from their mistakes and they also inspire you to live, to create, to follow your dreams and to think about the extra stuff that comes with the fame and wealth.

What an unfortunate situation for Eazy but I think it’s really important for everyone to be aware of the reality of not having protected sex.

So on that note go watch the movie and have safe sex and of course follow your dreams. Let this inspire you to be the best you, you can be.  Build your empire, work hard, and stay focused.

R.I.P Eazy-E.



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