Firme Radio #NewLA Guest: Chris Muñoz


Chris Muñoz is one half of the production duo The Midi Coast out of Whittier, Ca. Chris has been on his grind for a couple years and it is very exciting to see him grow professionally.

He mentions in the exclusive interview that he is working on a series of mini EP’s  with his production partner Renee.

“We kinda wanted to follow the steps of what The Neptunes did and just create our own sound and our own production…” said Chris.

Chris has been working with artist like Elijah Blake, Eric Bellinger, Liane V, and Jake&Papa (to name a few).  We can’t wait to hear what Chris and Renee have in store. I’m excited for those EP’s to drop so make sure you are on the look out for his projects!

Stay Connected:
Chris Muñoz
Twitter: @itsmidibaby
Instagram: itsmidibaby


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