Album: Bad Lucc “Off The Porch”

Bad Lucc dropped his first solo album “Off The Porch” and I just want to say that it’s a really great album from start to finish. He has a track on there dedicated to his mother titled 4mymomma and another track titled Mr. Officer in which he is touching the subjects which are very dominant in the news these days.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is Go simply because Lucc and Problem rap over Black Rob’s Whoa. Sometimes when artists take someone else’s beat and rap over it they sort of kill and you wish that they had just left it alone, but Lucc and Problem really did great with this track.

Overall it’s a great story telling album and the production on it is also on point so you really have to take a listen and support Bad Lucc on this album.

So with that being said go cop that  Off The Porch album NOW!


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