Mos Def At The Mayan Theatre


Mos Def who is now known as Yasiin Bey graced the stage at The Mayan theater with a very eclectic set. The Mayan theater was full of hip-hop heads who eagerly waited for Mos Def to hit the stage.

Def came out into the stage with a canvas bag that had rose petals in it. He began to scatter them all over his stage. He was very relaxed but energetic at the same time. While he was performing he danced very gracefully and invited the crowd to repeat his chants after him.

For many people who attended it was the first time they had ever seen Mos Def perform. It was very obvious that the excitement was there. They were in awe to be watching Mos Def perform some of his greatest hits in Los Angeles.

A videographer who was filming the event said, “It felt like a long night but as soon as the sample to Ms Fat Booty dropped… ah man, it was all worth it” said Stephen DeGuzman.

DeGuzman mentioned that it was his second time watching Mos Def perform but that he was very excited to have the opportunity to film Mos Def for the first time.

Jorge Garcia who also attended the show and was in the VIP section said, “it was an awesome show, I couldn’t believe that I was that close to Mos Def.”

Garcia added, “I work with celebrities and I’m not usually star struck but it’s Mos Def, he’s one of the reasons I love Hip-hop.”

Mos Def opened the show with some of his newer music and closed it of with some songs from his earlier work including “Ms Fat Booty” and “Traveling Man.”

Def also payed homage to The Notorious B.I.G by performing one of his greatest hit songs “Juicy.” It was an epic night for LA at the Mayan Theater with New York’s own Mos Def.

Below you can watch a small recap of the Mos Def show last night that I put together from all my snapchat videos. It contains some small shots of other artists who performed last night before Mos Def.


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