Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #2 “Function” Remix – E-40

Tomorrow the day will finally be here for the release of X by Chris Brown and we are at the number 2 spot of my favorite Chris Brown rap verses. Coming in at number 2 is the “Function” Remix in which Breezy gives us a dope ass verse. This song was already pippin’ but the remix with Breezy and the rest of the cats made it that much better. Watch the video and make sure to let us know what you think about today’s pick.

Chris Brown verse:

Look, got bad bitches, they ratchet
Bet the ding make them sing like an ad-lib
And all this money watch me flip it like a back flip
I’ma go to work on a pussy no practice
Hah, I’m a real niggas in the photo
Bottles in the air, we don’t care about no ho, no ho
Yeah, shout out my nigga dilo
Girl I know you want to but I need about 3-4
Yeah, pretty girls in the crib
I know they all models, that’s just how a nigga live
I’m like whoa, when she do the splits
And when she throw it back nigga don’t act like a bitch!
My niggas in the club with the 40
We just showed up with E-40
We like what’s happening brother
In the function ain’t a competition, killing opponents
And I be killing the pussy but this is just for the moment

Pre-order Chris’ X here.


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