Top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses: #7 “Like Whaaat” Remix – Problem




With just a few days away form Chris Brown‘s album release the countdown to my top 16 Chris Brown Rap Verses continues, coming in at #7 is CB’s verse on the remix to Problem‘s hit song “Like Whaaat.” Take a listen below and check out my favorite part of his verse.  Pre-order X album here.

Fuck a punch line, nigga had bread since the lunch line
I can put them soldiers on the front line
Open season, just nigga give me the reason
To bust, and just let it squeeze and
My rope-a-dope is the meanest
I box you up in the freezer
Comatose, paraplegic
I’m dodging the misdemeanors
Hoping I don’t get subpoenas but I…


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