New Radicals – You Get What You Give #FavoriteOneHitWonder

So earlier I sent out a tweet asking my followers what their favorite one hit wonder was and I wanted to share MY favorite one hit wonder and this is it right here, The New Radicals “You Only Get What You Give.” I love this song for different reasons first, because it reminds me of my transition from middle to high school and one of my good friends Nellie. I also love the sound of it but more than that is the message that it delivers. The song starts with the lyrics saying “… we got the dreamers disease…” It’s a very positive and motivational song that makes you feel inspired to well “don’t let go.” Its alternative sound gives it such a feel good sound all around which is why I have it on replay right now. We can all use a little motivation, inspiration and hey even a cool soundtrack on our journey to our dreams. Share your favorite one hit wonder song. Tweet me @lucydarling27 or comment below.


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