Paris Cimone “Waterbed” Ft. Jonn Hart


Ya’ll need to get familiar with this dude Paris Cimone. Although he’s no stranger to the music industry he has a new project coming out titled Room 3721 which will leave you mesmerized. Listen to the very sexy song below featuring Mr. Who Booty? himself Jonn Hart. Make sure you grab his song “Waterbed” (produced by Hood Famous Productions) available on itunes now. Follow Paris Cimone on Twitter & Instagram and hit the jump to read Paris’ bio.

Paris Cimone is a multifaceted artist, bringing his well diverse background to his upcoming project “Room 3721”. He comes to us by means of Los Angeles and the Bay Area. His music reflects an eclectic sound of these culturally diverse areas. “Room 3721” will have you mesmerized from beginning to end with its seductive hit single “Waterbed” featuring Epic Records recording artist & fellow bay area native, Jonn Hart. The hot single “Waterbed” is definitely destined to burn up the charts. Paris also writes and sometimes produces his own music. The multi-talented 24 year old goes as far as even engineering his own recording sessions as well. His sound is hard to categorize. Each song brings you morsels of distinctively vibrant music; you’ll have to ask your self is it pop? No, well is it R&B? I don’t think so, wait it sounds a little like alternative? No, it’s just Paris Cimone.

At a tender age, Paris’s father nurtured him and gave him insight into the music industry. Paris is undoubtedly made of music; it is a part of who he is. His father, Sam Bostic, is an artist, producer and songwriter. Mr. Bostic has produced platinum records such as “All eyes on me” and “Me against the world” with Tupac Shakur, “In a major way” and “Element of Surprise” with E-40. Being around this caliber of artistry has Paris to really think out of the box and not get stuck in titles and limitations. His motto is, “Apply your self and the world is yours”. Paris has demonstrated just that with limited resource. He has taken his project to great heights being a independent artist he’s even demonstrated the ability to cross several genres of music by establishing a strong ethnically diverse base on a international scale.

Paris Cimone is always on the musical grind and not to be taken lightly… He is a determined artist on the rise; get ready to watch him ascend.


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