Audio: Neighborhood Birthday Shout Out & Birthday Photos!


Wednesday March 27 I celebrated 29 years of life and I had a blast everything was great. All the love is greatly appreciated> I’m thankful to be able to see another day. Now listen to the birthday shout out the neighborhood gave me that morning. Thank you so much and thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, even Hit-Boy wished me a happy birthday. That’s pretty cool right?! Thank you so much!


Thank you also to my sister who gave me this wonderful gift. I wasn’t expecting it at all, I never expect anything from anyone and just the fact that this was even a thought in her head… I feel extremely grateful. Thank you sis!

Shouts to all my friends who came out to celebrate my 29th birthday with me at Supperclub on Tuesday night. Also shout out to The Rejectz who I ran into at Supper and some of the Part Rock Crew dancers. I love you all!






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