Shawty Lo: “All My Babies Momma’s” Oxygen Show


Remember Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo?? Yeah, you probably don’t! So the guy that rapped with the big cats (Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Plies) on the song “Dey Know” we get it!

It turns out this guy is not only a rapper, he is also a father. . . of 11 kids!!! Yes! 11 kids and 10 baby momma’s! What??? My jaw dropped when I heard about that but I guess it’s not so bad I mean he’s supposed to get a show on Oxygen and let’s face it would he have a show otherwise?

I mean he only had 1 hit and that’s not enough for a reality show. The show will be called All My Babies’ Mama’s and will center around the rappers interactions with his 10 BM’s and 11 children.

As of now it is only said to be a one hour special it won’t be a series but you never know.

All My Babies Mamas FINAL 10.1.12 by dm_50db96d297d08

Take a listen to “Dey Know” to refresh your memory.


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