Firme Radio On EP.2

In this episode of Firme Radio, Tha Alumni’s Sean Brown stopped by to chop it up with  Choice One  and I about his new project Mascot 3. Sean has been grinding for a while and is currently filming a documentary along with two other independent artists.

Choice  and I also talked about the crazy clowns showing up at high school and  what Halloween costumes to choose from this year.

This week’s guest DJ is DJ Kfresh, listen to the souncloud link above for more.

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Firme Radio On

I’m so excited to be back on air with Firme Radio and DJ Choice One. We (Firme Radio) have teamed up with Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde and his new network

The show will livestream every Thursday from 9:30pm – 10:30pm (PST). On our first episode back DJ Choice one and I talked about the effects that Mercury being in retrograde has on us plus the 13th sign in the horoscope chart.

DJ NoAfex was live in the mix playing some of our favorite old school songs and much more.

Stay tuned to see who our guest DJ will be this week and don’t miss the livestream every Thursday on

The greatest gift of life, the best part of me.

14 years ago I was in the hospital patiently waiting for my little Kayla to arrive. I was a young girl who didn’t know how to take care of a baby of my own. I was scared, nervous, I didn’t know what my life was going to become.

I knew my parents were disappointed at me for getting pregnant so young. I was disappointed as well (at myself). I had my life planned out already. I was going to college right after high school, and I was going to pursue my dance career no matter what it took.

My life changed forever and sure, I wasn’t ready but I HAD to get ready.
I’ve had my ups and downs, I struggled financially, emotionally, and in every other way possible.

It felt so defeated but I knew I had to be strong and continue to try and do the best I can. It was hard to be a single mom and at such a young age.

But Kayla has taught me so much about being a mom, about life and about myself. The older she gets, the more I understand my mom. When I was being a brat with her she would tell me that one day I would regret it and that one day my kids were going to do it to me and then I’d understand her.

Well, as I mentioned… everyday I understand my mom more and more. I haven’t told her this but I do. Kayla is such a sweet girl, and even though we now have different personalities I see so much of me in her. I was just like her as a teenager physically and personality wise.

I’m glad that I am able to experience being a mother there’s nothing more beautiful in the world. She is the best part of me and the reason why I work so hard. She inspires me to be better to want more so I can give her more.

Today is her 14th birthday and I can’t wait for her to get back from school so I can spoil her. She definitely deserves it for being such a sweet girl. I’m so proud to be her mom and grateful that god gave me the blessing of being a mother.

Audio- The Firme Radio Podcast (Ep. 3)

Hi guys I’m back with another episode of The Firme Radio Podcast I hope that you guys are enjoying it so far.

In this episode I wanted to give my thoughts on Marco Gutierrez‘ comments last week about having taco trucks on every corner. You know I wasn’t feeling his lil’ comments AT ALL!

Anyway, I also got into some personal stories but more importantly I asked a question on FB about relationships so listen to the podcast to hear what my FB friends had to say.

The question was “If a guy has a girlfriend already why does he like other girls selfies or half nude photos on the IG?? Are you as the girlfriend ok with this or not??”

Check out the podcast and give me YOUR thoughts on these topics!😉

The Firme Radio Podcast (Ep.2) 

Hey guys! Omg you don’t know what I had to do to finally get my podcast up for y’all. Ugh! You’ll hear all about it when you listen.

Ok, so in this episode I talk about the death of el divo de Juarez, Juan Gabriel of course. Oh and by the way this episode is in English and Spanish.

Anyway, I talk about Juan Ga, I also give you my thoughts on Chris Brown’s hoochie momma drama. Lol AND of course I talked about the unveiling wax figure of nuestra querida Selena.

Oh, and I have a little hook up for you in there but you have to listen to find out. 😉

I hope that you guys like it!


Video- Britney Spears on Carpool Karaoke

OMG!This is by far my favorite episode of carpool karaoke! James looks so cute and funny in the Britney pigtails. Do you remember the first time you saw Britney’s Baby One More Time on TV? I do! I was doing homework and I automatically fell in love with her and her music.

Ugh. I’m a little nostalgic of my teenage years now aren’t you?! It’s Britney Bitch!!

Video-Chris Brown “Grass Ain’t Greener”

Check out brand new video by el papasito de Chris Brown, esta cancion se llama “Grass Ain’t Greener” and what really caught my attention is of course the dance moves. We all know Chris Brown gets down with the dancing and it’s no exception in this brand new video, so go ahead and check it out.

Firme Radio Podcast (Ep.1)

I know I been M.I.A for a while but I want to share this podcast I recorded very early Friday.

I hope you guys like it I know it’s a bunch of random rambling I talk about becoming pescatarian, fostering a dog and just random things.

I hope you guys can relate to it somehow lol. I hope you guys enjoy it please share it and of course I want to hear your feedback.

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The Pharcyde Perform “Passing Me By” in 360


O-M-G!  This is the coolest thing EVER! Watch The Pharcyde perform their legendary song “Passing Me By” but this time in 360.

The Pharcyde teamed up with Sacred360’s Vince Argetine to put together this awesome visual of “Passing Me By” at Further Future 2016.

So I’ll just leave this here for you to enjoy but don’t forget to share this with your friends. 😉

Joe Budden VS Drake

Ok I really didn’t want to get to caught up in this Drake/Joe Budden beef ONLY because I thought Drake was not going to reply to Joe BUT he did and it just sounds like… not a diss.

I felt like Drake’s greatest diss to Joe would’ve been to not respond.
The reason I feel that way is because Joe is a much way better rapper than Drake and I just don’t see how Drake could actually lyrically murder Joe.

He would have to get a bomb ass ghost writer. LoL
Drake’s diss to Joe don’t even sound like a diss, it sounds like one of those softy songs he be doin’ nothing to get hyped about.

If you think otherwise go listen to some real rapping.
But anyway, in case you missed any of the diss tracks from Joe and the softies from Drake here they are. Enjoy. Hit the audiomack link for the Drake “No Shopping.”

Events- Raggedy Tiff Pop-Up Shop

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 2.06.54 PM

In honor of Frida Khalo‘s birthday Raggedy Tiff is hosting a pop-up shop in the valley this evening from 5p.m to 9p.m.

Raggedy Tiff is an eclecticFolk-Cultural style, with an eccentric personality, & daring feel. They specialize in Accessories & Apparel.

Raggedy Tiff is known for its Unique/Vibrant Textile prints, Craftsmanship & Exquisite trims.
If you can’t make it out today don’t worry because there will be two more shows in the upcoming weeks of July. Stay tuned for the details!

All the info for tonight’s show is on the super cute flyer. See you there!

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